September 24, 2017

We know that what comes around goes around. It’s the catchphrase for heartbroken women everywhere. It’s even the title of a classic Justin Timberlake tune.

But did you ever consider the same could be said for our relationship with the environment?

Case in point: microbeads.

You know, those tiny, hard particles of plastic in your scrub that help exfoliate dead skin, leaving your face squeaky clean?

Yeah, those ones. They suck. They’re destroying the oceans. And ultimately, harming our health.

You might be wondering how on earth something so insignificantly small, could wreak such havoc.

Allow us to explain…

Once you’ve washed the scrub off your skin, microbeads flow through the drain and into the sewerage system.

Wastewater treatment plants don’t have the capacity to filter them out, meaning they end up in our oceans.
Marine life either eat or absorb these micro plastic beads. We eat those fish.

So, guess what we’re really ordering when we ask for the grilled snapper? Yep, a mouthful of plastic.

What comes around goes around, right?

Microbeads aren’t biodegradable. Once they enter the oceans, that’s it. They’re there forever.

The good news…

It’s easy to make a big difference with this one by refusing to use or purchase any product containing them. 


The Ban the Microbead website has a great break down by country, highlighting which products to avoid.

In Australia, the Federal Government has introduced a phase out, giving companies the option to remove microbes from their products by July 2018.

While New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and the UK have gone one better, introducing a complete ban.

The alternatives…

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure that rubbing natural products on your face, rather than plastic, is so much better for you, your health and the environment.

There are so many natural alternatives out there that you have to wonder why microbeads even existed in the first place. 

Here at LeQure Detox, we always have your body and Mother Nature's best interests in mind, as all of our products are 100% all natural.  

For fresh, healthy skin, try ground coffee, sugar, whole oats, jojoba beads, apricot seeds, walnut shells, powdered pecan shells or salt. The options are endless.

Happy scrubbing!

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